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Exit Planning Services: Prepare your Small BusinessValue Acceleration Chart

Having an exit plan in place is integral for a small business. Even if retirement seems far away, preparing your small business now for the day you decide to sell, retire, or leave your business to someone else benefits your business now and in the future.

Assuming someone will want to buy your business when you are ready to sell is a huge mistake. Statistically, only 25% of small businesses sell. Planning for exit exponentially increases not only the likelihood you will find a buyer for your business, but also the value you will get for your business when it does sell.

A major challenge for most business owners is planning and executing the value building tasks that often require the skills of multiple service providers. Coordinating the work of your internal and external professional advisors to make adjustments to accounting, legal, insurance and company structure is a specialty in itself. This is where Empyrean Associates applies our skills to achieve your readiness goals.

Empyrean Associates is a full service, turn-key solution to ready your small business for the years ahead. And the benefits are enormous. Get your business in order now with the help of a Certified Exit Planning Advisor from Empyrean Associates.

Value Acceleration

The Value Acceleration Process is a business process improvement to help raise the value of your business. In this case, for sale. But the intended consequence of value acceleration methodology is to take your good product (your company) and improve it to make it more appealing, or valuable, to a potential buyer. The result of this improvement is that the business runs better and has more current cash flow as well. So not only will your business be worth more in the future, it is also generating more income now. Win-Win.



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